Dead Oak Saw Mill

The process starts with Dead Oak Trees, these cut trees produce beautiful lumber that has color and qqualities like rustic antique wood.

Packed on skid ready to ship to customer. Good color & natural aged patina from state of standing dead. Natural good dry structure matches well with any antique Oak wood.

Air drying for over one year before being kiln dryed to order to assure the best condition of the lumber before it is ready for pick up by customer. Rich grain and  patina is hand picked for our finial milling into your lumber or  flooring order. We can match custom grade and mill from 4/4 blanks to nominal or full size typical price is in the $8.00 per square foot range 
Flooring material ready to ship to customer the average order is 3" to 9" nominal size width & commonly  3/4 " thick. All lumber sold EXW the Mill. If you need trucking you will need to do that with a trucking company or hire us to do that. Remember all wood is paid for in full before you have your truck pick it up. Thank You. No Returns!, No guaranty after lumber leaves our yard.
Wide Plank re sawn barn wood: Fill out contact form to get your order going